Our retreat offers the perfect escape. A safe environment with workshops & healing sessions.

Our workshops are tailor-made for all visiting guests.
The healing sessions are on a 1-1 basis.

Guided Mindfulness – A journey to the present

Discover the transformative power of our Guided Mindfulness sessions.

Embrace the present moment to cultivate peace and clarity, paving the way for a positive, fulfilling future.

Connect with Your Inner Self: This integral part of the journey is dedicated to embracing the path of self-discovery.

A day of 7 guided meditations, that will introduce you to different aspects of our personalities to help us move to a more positive future.

Tailor-made packages for each retreat.

NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming

Various workshops looking at communication skills and learning process.
The words we use for better communication.
Reframing, how we can change our view of the world.
Anchoring, removing blockages that stop us moving forward.

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Better known as tapping, this useful tool will work emotionally and physically. This workshop will teach how to use it to its best potential.

Angel Workshop

What are angels
How to talk to them
Meet your guardian angel
How they can help us
Balancing Chakras

Ten Secrets of Abundant Happiness

Useful mind changing techniques to uplift and inspire.


– Wellbeing –

– Stress management –

– Mental health awareness –

– Relaxation –

– Coping strategies –

– Life skills –

– Empowerment –

Healing Sessions – A spectrum of holistic therapies

Dive into the world of holistic well-being with our diverse healing sessions. Each modality offers a unique path to balance and rejuvenation.

Experience Universal White Time Healing, Reiki, Acupuncture, or Angel Card Readings (additional nominal charge).

Each session is tailored to meet your individual needs, ensuring a deeply personal and transformative healing experience.

Optional treatments

Optional treatments – £28. These are 1-1 treatments that you can choose to experience in the evenings.

Universal White Time Healing

1 to 1 Pure energy healing/chakra balancing


Energy healing

Terahertz Energy Treatment

Deep heat healing

Angel Card Readings

Oracle readings for positivity


Small needles in specific places in the ears for physical and emotional issues.

Ready to awaken your inner self?


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